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Our Festival Booths

Our tastefully decorated booths meet the most discerning requirements by event juries.

Each year, we attend many festivals, and come with a large supply of our products ready for your tasting pleasure.

Our product line includes pickled garlics, stuffed olives, marinades, olive oils, mustards, and dip mixes. 

We are equipped to participate in indoor as well as outdoor events.
Health and safety is a principal concern.  Product samples are kept on ice, both in ice coolers as pictured here, as well as in the "dip tasters" shown below.

Our dip samples are carefully chilled on a beds of fresh ice...

...and protected by a custom acrylic sneeze guard, for your health and safety. 

Acryic sneeze guards protect dip samples, which rest in beds of ice in the black lower tray.
Dips are served to the public with pretzel sticks.

Pretzel sticks are provided for sampling our dips...

...and plenty of product is always available for purchase!!

Our product line is tastefully and colorfully labeled.